SecureTablePay® is Proven, Certified and Now Available in the USA.

SecureTablePay® brings increased customer satisfaction, greater security, faster table turns and higher revenue opportunities to restaurant tables in the US.

SecureTablePay is an EMV pay-at-the-table solution, for both chip and sign and chip and pin cards. With a decade of field-proven innovation in over 2,000 restaurant installations, SecureTablePay is now fully certified and available in the US marketplace.

The Benefits of SecureTablePay



People, cards, identities, data: all are more secure with SecureTablePay. Your customers’ privacy is protected: their cards never leave their hands so there is no chance of identity theft. Bringing EMV to the table protects the restaurant, reducing chargebacks and potential fraud. It’s also safer for you. Since the transaction is processed between the SecureTablePay pinpad and the host processor, the sensitive and at-risk data that demands rigorous levels of PCI compliance never touches your POS.


SecureTablePay delivers not just increased security but increased efficiency as well: the perfect combination. When you eliminate steps by completing the payment transaction directly at the table, you reduce time, cost and risk. And that means greater convenience for the customer and greater productivity for the server.


SecureTablePay works with more than 20 top restaurant management systems. (If you use a system that hasn’t been integrated yet, we’ll work with you to integrate it quickly and with minimal effort.) And it works with most leading payment processors, ensuring secure and accurate transaction processing.

Everybody Wins

SecureTablePay is a win-win-win for everyone, delivering benefits at every point along the value chain.

Restaurants Win

top-co-provider-secure-table-pay-pos-featureEliminate steps for you, your servers, and your customers, and you increase efficiency and eliminate a lot of opportunities for error. Servers can pay more attention to customers since they are almost always on the floor. When guests can pay at the table you are able to turn more tables. That kicks
customer satisfaction into high gear and increases customers’ likelihood to return. And because SecureTablePay is EMV compliant, you eliminate costs from chargebacks and other security-related penalties.

Servers Win

Handling more tables per shift is a bonus to servers too. Serving customers more quickly and conveniently increases customer satisfaction, which in turn increases the tips customers leave. And full closing from the pinpad, means no end of shift receipt reconciliation.

Customers Win the Most

Which brings us to the real recipient of the benefits of SecureTablePay: your customers. Now they have the convenience of paying at the table, get all of the fraud protection of EMV, and the extra assurance of protection that comes when their card never leaves their hands. Add to that all the
other features such as: calculating suggested tip amounts, contactless NFC technology, mobile wallet compatibility, and using multiple languages. This creates the ideal mix of security and convenience for your guests.

Highlights of SecureTablePay at Work

• The server only needs to go to the POS workstation once—to place the order. Pulling up the check, accepting and authorizing the payment, and closing the table with full reconciliation to the POS is done directly from the pinpad at the table.

• When it’s time to present the check, the server pulls up the correct table on the SecureTablePay pinpad and hands the pinpad to the guest. (SecureTablePay is multilingual, so the guest and the server can conduct the transaction in different languages of their choice.)

• The payment card never leaves the guest’s hands; the threat of identity theft or fraud is eliminated. Tip amounts are suggested by the terminal as percentages and/or dollar amounts, or guests can enter the amount of their choosing into the pinpad.

• The transaction itself is conducted entirely between the SecureTablePay pinpad and the transaction processor. No sensitive or personal data ever enters your POS (which eliminates significant PCI compliance requirements).

SecureTablePay Winning Features

• Fully certified for the U.S.
• Proven in the field for more than a decade
• Works with most POS systems and leading payment processors
• EMV chip and sign as well as chip and pin
• EMV contactless / tap / NFC
• The server does not need to go to the POS station to close the check as the pinpad pulls the check information remotely from the POS
• Servers can view all open tables or a specific one
• Pinpads are not paired to a specific POS station or server
• Any server or pinpad can view and accept payments for any table
• Automatic tip calculator with percentages and/or dollar amounts
• Pinpad closes the table and completes full payment reconciliation remotely so the server does not need to dock the pinpad between transactions
• Multiple language presentation
• Accepts credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, loyalty and point cards
• Works with mobile wallets: Apple Pay and Android Pay
• Bluetooth connectivity to the terminal base
• Makes POS out of scope for PCI compliance requirements
• Multichannel ready: wireless for table ce, wired for QSR and drive-thru, and 3G for delivery

Now Certified and Available in the USA

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SecureTablePay brings strengthened security, increased efficiency, more convenience, streamlined payment options, and universal compatibility to you, your staff and your customers which now that includes American restaurants!

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